Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe in School

It is a parent’s duty how they prepare their kids to deal with unusual circumstances which are happening these days around us. The child learns things through those early years. It is the responsibility of all guardians to notice what different activity your kid is doing, they should know what kind of behavior or temperament your child is showing these days. Also, it is necessary for every parent to make their kids aware of school activity and how to be safe there.

There are tips which every parent should teach their child to be safe in school:

Tell them about good touch and bad touch – kids are sensitive and small to discuss this issue. But it is your responsibility to teach your child about good touch and bad touch, in the easiest way so that it does not affect them negatively. Use a book about good touch and bad touch which helps to know about it. let them guess themselves find out the purpose of this.

Empower your child to say no- As a parent, you should always maintain a transparent relationship with your child. It is important for both of you to have a discussion about everything like if someone touched them in a way they didn’t like to tell that person to stop … make them bold enough to say no to such people! you should talk to your kids in a friendly way. You must always keep the lines of communication open with your kids do not hesitate to ask even with some specific part of our private areas etc.

Teach them your contact number- make sure your kids is having your phone number or mobile number. If they do not learned then make them revise this , this will help both of you in communication with each other ,If in case your kids reach at wrong place they would be able to contact you or give your contact to someone.

Know and follow school security and safety measures- These might incorporate signing in when going to the school, being escorted when strolling through the building, or wearing a guest pass. This thing set an impression in your kid’s mind about rules and safety and they will learn through it, Follow these strategies also, sets an awesome example for your children.

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