Quality Education: The Need of the Hour

"Education is the moxie of any country.
But Quality Education is an oracle"

We cannot deny the fact that we all have experienced education system, got deep into the education in our lives which now helped us genuinely or satirically to lead our lives professionally which in turn provided us all basic amenities along with non-bargained facilities which tend to make us think to consider ourselves successful by means or by chance.

Here at this stage of life if we truly introspect ourselves & look into the tasks we perform day in day out to answer our reflections ,"Are we really that what we desired to be?"
Most of us would be doubtful along with the glimpse of reproach.
We learn, we get educated, we grow in schools and colleges in our top and tail education system with numerous curriculum and courses but when anyone of us step into a world to create individual identity, we look towards this unrecognisable known world as novice.
Because of lack of Quality Education. A kind of education which provides learning to its best, technical skills, sustainability, develops learners' cognitive skills and which does not forget to inculcate logical attitudes and values.
Quality education is a child-centred education, which patiently deals with children as individual learners and works on their skilled areas to make them expertise in their desired areas.
To be equipped with Quality Education we should set three variable parameters of our classroom - i.e. - teacher, learner and curriculum.
A Teacher should not take teaching just as a job but as a passion and zeal to understand that millions of lives run through his hands at that tender age of learners when the hidden quality of a child should be crafted beautifully in the most appropriate way.
As teaching-learning process is a two-way process so to achieve heights of success a learner should understand his capacity well instead of running to all the coachings from Art & Aesthetics to Science & Math. He should understand the value of quality in learning instead of quantity as in the long run of learning all these he can never get finely equipped with what quality he has.
The third and very crucial parameter of quality education is it's curriculum which should not judge every individual learner according to only it's theoretical theories which are also now outdated as the world has become more practical, technical and smarter.
If we talk about India, which has given experts at global level like Sunder Pichai,CEO, Google, Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft, Sanjay Kumar Jha, CEO, Global Foundries, Shantanu Narayan, CEO, Adobe, Nikesh Arora, CEO, Soft Bank Internet and Media Inc and the list goes awn and awn and awn, still education serves here in schools and colleges are not quality education, though exceptions are there but bare.

We should now start realising the fact that minting money from education is ebbing the mental creativity level of our quality learners which are affecting our students from elementary level. We should land back to the believe of serving our original cognitive learners with quality they pursue.

The most deceiving action is rote learning. The learners rote so heartily that they don't even involve their brains twice putting auxiliaries but if it comes to explanation, judgement, critical analysis of the very portion , they are scoreless. IRONICAL.

This is because we, the society of India, believes in marks and scores instead of what they should roar.
To flood our country with quality learners, we should start believing in quality education.
Stop manufacturing products with same mental mechanics and open the doors of qualitative opportunities for them without being judgemental about what a learner wants to be.
"A learner would never flee...
If he will carry quality in he"

 PGT English
 The Doon Global School


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  • Kanika Singh / Reply

    Absolutely correct. A teacher is actually a sculptor to carve the rocks in their best possible manner to make them look unique. Well said. ???????

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