Dear Parent’s,

We, at Doon Global School, cater to the uniqueness of every child. Make children intellectually adept, socially and technically sound by focusing on each one’s master skills. Our committed faculty, well- structured curriculum and academic and non-academic infrastructure ensures that YOU embark on a journey marked with success and a satisfying professional and personal experience.

The DGS education goes beyond traditional kinds of learning- breaking down barriers to enable students to embrace the various opportunities available for them in today’s competitive and digitally progressive age. Emphasis is also placed on sending forth into the world socially responsible and morally upright empathetic individuals who bear the important responsibility of shaping our nation and in turn the future generations.

It has been our dedicated commitment to quality in education and overall personality enhancement that has enabled us to become one of the most sought after destinations for pursuit of academic passions and explorations.

I, thus, invite you to shape your child’s future with us at DGS and wish you all the best for your years of hope and fulfilment that lies ahead of us waiting to be grabbed.

Ankit Aggarwal

Executive Director


Ankit Agarwal an eminent educationist ,philanthropist & Social worker, Executive Director Doon Global School & Founding Chairman Skill-ed School. He is widely recognized across Dehradun for his path-breaking & visionary contributions in building better education system for youngsters. He graduated in Computer Science & worked/travelled across globe with IT firms.

In 2006 he decided to leave his professional career and joined his Father’s School initiative wherein later he became the Chairman of the institution. He is a member of various social & community initiatives & worked in the capacity of President Rotary Club , UNESCO clubs etc. He is also recipient of Brand ICON Award by Times of India in 2017 & under his leadership Doon Global School has won many prestigious awards from various Education initiatives like EDUCATION WORLD.

Ankit is also widely credited with conceptualizing Skill-ed a unique and innovative model to enhance skills among the early education and help them to become confident, independent learners. His core belief is ‘ Knowledge, Skills and Attitude’

He also most active member of CBSE Sahodaya group which has participation from all leading CBSE Schools and works towards bringing next generation Education Systems & Processes. He has continuous desire of learning which made him to join CII sponsored Quality Assurance programs for School & Education. He will complete his training in Japan in coming months.



For our young students, the adult world in which they will make their careers, is going to be very different from the world of today and that is what we must prepare them for. The challenges we face today as adults in a school are, that we do not know what the skill sets our students will require 10 to 15 years from today. What is it that we should prepare them for - Hence we have to make sure that they have an all-round development and acquire every skill possible to not only make this world a better place, but to be able to do the best they can for themselves.

From the time I started my career at St Thomas’ College, Dehradun, to moving overseas and teaching and working with both the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge Examinations, to moving back to Dehradun, this journey has shown me the diverse approaches to Teaching & Learning, and the cultural differences of our Learners. During this journey I also joined Kasiga School as the Academic Coordinator and then moved on to Genesis Global School, Noida as the Head-International Curriculum, and later Principal - International Curriculum.

It is a pleasure to be back to my hometown again, as the Principal of The Doon Global School, starting from the 2020-21 academic year.

I believe in student centered education where teachers make every effort to ensure that every child reaches their maximum potential in every field. Every child grows up with certain capabilities and skills that is what we should hone and enhance. It is the school that has to evolve according to the requirements of the students, rather than vice- versa.

We work towards instilling in a student a lifelong passion for learning and to take up challenges. Good relationships and continuous interaction between Students, Teachers and Parents is very important to create a conducive learning environment. We endeavor to create young minds ready to face the challenges of the world with honesty, hard work and integrity. We support the individual well-being of every student and provide an environment that allows students to learn best, and perform best.

All this will only be possible with the efforts of our Teachers. To assist them to continuously evolve as Educators, we will be investing in Professional Development Programmes which will bring about the best Pedagogy and Teaching - Learning practices.

It is important to inspire the staff, students, and the community to work together to promote student achievement and well-being. The ability to innovate and create is very important. The school is working towards challenging and inspiring students and teachers to be imaginative, creative and innovative.

Information input is no longer required as a learning process, it is already a given process on the internet. Hence as teachers, we need to make sure that our students understand the value and the validity of the information available on the internet, how to use the information available to them and to always validate the information that they get on the internet. Critical thinking must therefore be, at the core of their learning.

Communication skills are developed by having regular ESL lessons and giving students adequate opportunity in the Performing Arts. Fostering Leadership and Collaborative skills through everyday interaction and engagement is an essential part of a learners training. While we must learn to succeed, we must equally, learn to accept failure as a learning process and with dignity.

There is no perfect School. However, in the words of John Hattie “Teachers should build classroom climates where errors are welcome, student engagement is the norm, questioning is high, and students gain reputations as effective learners."

Best wishes.

Mrs Seema Hanvey

The Doon Global School

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I being a student of Doon Global School feel immensely proud of being a part of this amazing school. I am also thankful for providing a platform for discovering myself. I have always got opportunities and chances to endeavor my talent. It’s been 13 years and it still feels like yesterday when I came to this school.

Uma Agarwal
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Two of my younger sisters started at this cbse school in Dehradun. Fantastic environment and even better staff and administration. Always cooperative and helpful. They always encourage their students to come by and participate in various classroom curriculum activities and events.

Preeti Chauhan
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My son is studying in Doon Global School. He has shown lot of improvement. The amount of personal attention the teachers give is phenomenal. Doon Global School is the best CBSE boarding school in Dehradun. I am very much satisfy with the improvements in my son. One of the best cbse school in Dehradun.

Gaurav Chaturvedi
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