Gender is a socially constructed definition of women and men. It is not based on biological difference. It is based on social expectation and fixed image of a particular person or thing.

Many beings live on the earth planet. All  are naturally different from each other , but there are some social differences in human beings   that can take the form of social divisions and inequality. Gender Discrimination is one of them. Gender discrimination refers to unequal treatment. It is the unjust behaviour of people on the basis of gender .Gender roles are mainly learned and taught by those who have raised them, their family. Ones Family has the biggest impact on how to perceive their gender. This is because a family passes on values and beliefs that are taught and learned to accept at an early age. I believe gender inequalities are learned through ones family and reflected in the workplace. It varies from workplace. Such as getting paid less for the same profession

It is evident that a girl of the family replaces her mother. As  a result she needs to quit school for doing household chores. Even in a deprived family if there is a girl and a boy, the parents often send their boy to school, and the girl is asked to stay back home to aid household chores.

Another form of gender discrimination is the minor participation of woman in politics. In some countries like Africa and Iraq women are still unable to vote. 62 million girls around the world are not in school. Millions more are fighting just to stay there.

As per the fundamental rights,  Education is a prime fundamental right, which should not be restricted to a certain gender, every human being ,male or Female has a right to education. Indian government is trying their best to improve the literacy level in the country. The various steps taken in this arena are  as follows:

Free education- free education is more spread by the govt. In various areas of India especially in the rural areas. The govt. Is trying to provide the Basic right of proper education to the students free of cost and it has become successful.

Other Govt. schemes- govt has taken various effective schemes to spread education. Sarva siksha abiyan scheme is one of them,.

Some barriers are hindering  on the path of girl child education. The cost of education-the cost of books, uniforms , bus fare can be too much to bear for a family  living in poverty. Often parents choose to keep their girls at home and send the boys to school instead.

Apart from this, Girls are asked to fetch the water, take care of their younger sibling and to help their mother.

Distance to school-in many parts of the world; girls may face dangers or violence on the long way to school.

I believe that education plays a fundamental role in changing this state of affairs and is responsible for the development of both School and Society. School does not just serve to certify knowledge, it is also a fundamental  institution for the promotion of equality gender. Discrimination in school education can lead to gender free politics, and development of harmonious  Society.

There are few steps which ‘The Doon Global School’, the Boarding school in Dehradun is initiating and also suggests other schools  to take up such guidelines so that the Gender equality is laid stress from the School level.   Following are few points that can be taken into considerations

  • All the students should be allowed to participate commonly in all activities irrespective of Boys or Girls.
  • Schools should be ‘Partiality free zone’ .
  • Teachers should avoid grouping children by their gender.
  • Schools should also conduct community lunch. This can eradicate gender discrimination and unsociability.
  • Every school should create an open environment with books, sports equipment that drive to every student.
  • The introduction of gender sensitive programs in the school curriculm and gender sensitive teaching methods may also help in achieving this goal.

This gender discrimination education can help to make politics free from gender religion and caste differences.

We can end saying that “Smiling face of every little girl is the signature of God’s presence.”

Ms. Deepika S. Godiyal,

Social Science Teacher,

The Doon Global School 

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