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  • 2020-03-02

5 Myths about Boarding Schools - Doon Global School

Just as universities and colleges in the Dehradunhave evolved in the past several decades, so have boarding schools. A boardingschool education can be the best option when considering schools. And while theperception of boarding is changing, there are still some myths that can makeyou mistakenly think that your ward wouldn't fit in at boarding school. Here,we’ve compiled the most common misperceptions about boarding school that canhelp you to learn the truth and discover more about boarding school.

Myth 1: Boarding school is for kids who arehaving trouble at home or school. The biggest notion about boarding schools isthat only those kids are admitted into a boarding school, who have troubledfamily situations. This, however is not the truth. Usually those kids come tothe boarding schools whose parents wish them to learn life skills apart fromacademics.

Myth 2: It will be hard to keep in touch withone’s family & may end up losing the warmth in the relations. Most of the boarding schools have rules whichenable a student to be in touch with his/her family on weekly basis throughphone calls & internet. Monthly outings with the parents/guardians are alsoa very strong opportunity for the parents to keep the relations kindled.Infact, a boarder understands the importance of a family more than a normal dayscholar.

Myth 3: You must be very wealthy to go toboarding school. Families that send their kids to boarding school today represent a muchwider demographic - geographically, socio-economically and ethnically

Myth 4: Kids don't have fun at boardingschool. Boarding schools are a lot of fun. If you talk to students of boardingschools, most will tell you the same thing - it's an environment that'sconducive to making incredible friends and having fun in the process.

Myth 5: boarding schools are not safe. A usual thought about a boarding school is that they are unsafe due toragging/ bullying incidents. This is not true as a boarding student is governedby strict daily routine. Each area of boarding schools is covered under CCTVnetwork apart from the residential staff working on managing the set ofstudents assigned to them by management. Also due to the fact that all studentsare away from home, they tend to understand each other more than anybody &hence over a period of time, they become good friends & well wishers ofeach other.

Conclusion: The best way to learn about boarding schoolsis to thoroughly inquire about the factors of a boarding school based on thefollowing multiple parameters: curriculum, academics, reputation,infrastructure and facilities, and pastoral care. You can simply visit theschool, being on campus and talking to current students about their experiences& learn more about the boarding life. The list of best boarding schools can be filtered based on what one wants(co-ed, curriculum, location and a host of other factors). This requires adisciplined approach, time and patience to get the right information,perspectives and insights about the best boarding school to take the rightdecision which will be in the interest of the child.