Principal’s Desk


Dear Parents,

As I pen down this message, I already   feel connected to the trust with which you have entrusted your wards to us, at DGS. I would like to ensure you that it is now our responsibility to fulfill your expectations.

We are all aware that the world’s scenario has changed at a very fast pace in the recent past due to globalization, privatization and liberalization. The mushrooming of colleges & Schools in and around Doon has elated the level of education at one hand but at the same time has brought in a sea of diverse cultures to the otherwise quiet conservative town. It seems as if this faster pace has opened a Pandora’s Box of troubles. There is an erosion of our strong eternal values in life towards the aged, the needy, the infirm and the elders. It seems as though we are paying a high price in the name of development at all levels.

I am reminded of the observation of a special reformer on modern education system that education should be based on our rich culture heritage and there should be a perfect sync of eastern vitality and western activity. Holistic education provides the answer.

The need of the hour is to adopt a value based approach to enable the students to become honest citizens of society for betterment of the nation and the world.  At DGS we seek, the support of mentors and parents to come together so that we can motivate, guide & encourage our children to move on the path of excellence with honesty & righteousness.

To sum up “the end of all knowledge must be the building of character”.


Mrs. Babita Sharma

August 2018
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