Chairperson’s Desk


Greetings from Doon Global School family!!!

My Husband started DGS with 14 students in 1998 and it was his dedication and transparent approach made DGS an institution we cherished. Strong foundations laid by him and our team in the early years have provided us with confidence to deliver on all counts.

Here I take an opportunity to thank all the associates who work with us directly or indirectly for their contribution and believe me we shall always be ever grateful. Parent(s) and student(s) (both past and present) it was your support that provided us credence and added to our resolve to become stronger.

Our focus has been to strengthen our core area of academics by improving in all sub functions that are part of it. Our endeavor is to make it more interactive, competitive and student friendly so that every child gains by it.

To start with, we as in ‘parent – teacher’ fraternity have to work together as a team to understand every child’s need and devise an action plan that works best for the child. Sometimes we notice that something does not feel right with a child but we ignore it. We are all very busy, it’s true. We have great pressures and responsibilities pulling us in too many directions. The child who seems a little ‘off’, not at his usual, distracted or quieter than usual is trying to tell us something, here we need to discusscounsel the child and offer a positive approach to the dialogue. Our children should never be afraid to speak with us. The only solution to it is what quality time are we spending with our children.

Our motive is to prepare a child not just academically but also socially. School is not simply about getting good marks, it is also about learning how to get on with other children and knowing how to develop and help friends. We encourage participation in various activities that boosts their confidence and competitive spirit, we always appreciate all their achievements no matter how small it may be and counsel them when required. I am sure that this approach towards every child’s physical, mental and emotional well-being will show amazing results in a child’s growth process.

Mrs. Vinita Agarwal

September 2018
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